William Wade Parks

#1221, b. 14 February 1848, d. 22 October 1908
Father*George Ballard W. Parks1 b. 19 Mar 1817, d. 28 Mar 1898
Mother*Cynthia Ann Richardson1 b. 11 Aug 1826, d. 28 Apr 1887
     William Wade Parks was born on 14 February 1848 Indiana.1 He was the son of George Ballard W. Parks and Cynthia Ann Richardson.1 William and Mary Ann Holman were married 9 October 1870 Union County, Oregon.2 William Wade Parks died 22 October 1908, Pennington County, South Dakota at age 60 years, 8 months and 8 days, as Mary ordered a casket that date. Mary A Parks filed letters of administration 16 December 1908.3 His estate was probated on 15 December 1908 Petition includes:
"petitioner *is* advised and believe and therefore allege to be the heir at law of the deceased *is your peititioner, Mary A Parks, the surviving widow, who is a resident of said Pennington County, but whose nearest post office address in Newcastle, Wyoming and who is of the age of forty-one* years, *Also three daughters, all over the age of twenty-one years, and all non-residents of the State of South Dakota, but as your petititoner is informed and believes, reside somewhere in the State of Oregon.*
She was named admtrx 2 Mar 1909. The estate was settled 3 April 1911.
Heirs named are Mary A Parks and Martha Parks, Syntha Parks and Charlotte Parks, daughters by a prior marriage, and all over the age of thirty years, who are entitled to distribution of his estate.

So, questions.
What happened to Charles Parks, supposed son of Wm Wade and Mary Ann Holman?
What happened to Mary Ann Holman, and who is the Mary A Parks, second wife.3
     He witnessed the probate of the estate of George Ballard W. Parks on 8 April 1898 Marion County, Oregon;
The probate listed:
George B W - note his will was dated 15 July 1896 and he died 28 March 1898, testate;
Mary A Palmer - Daughter, Executor, Marion County;
Nixon E Palmer - grandson, Executor, age 22, Marion County;
Mary A Palmer - daughter, heir [husband, G W Palmer] age 52;
William W Parkes - son "last heard from at Cheyenne, WY" heir, age 51;
Robert H Parkes - son, Lewiston, ID, heir, age 48;
Caleb A Parkes - son, Colton, WA, heir, age 44;
James R Parkes - son, Concord, WA, heir;
George B Parkes - son, Colton, WA, heir;
Flora A McAlpin - daughter, Kiona, WA, heir;
Mary Palmer - granddaughter (Lottie), Lebanon, OR, heir, age (--?--);
Emma Reed - granddaughter (Lottie), Portland, heir, age 24;
Nettie Palmer - granddaughter (Lottie), Marion Co., OR, Heir;
Nellie Palmer - granddaughter (Lottie), Marion Co., OR, heir.

Weekly Oregonian Statesman (Salem) 15 Apr 1898
Testaments files with the County Court yesterday: Estates of Geo W B Parkes and Joseph Hassing Divided among the Respective heirs.
The last will and testament of Geo B W Parks, whose death occurred on March 28, 1895, was filed for probate yesterday. The will, which bears the date of July 15, 1896, disposes of real and personal property of the value of $5000. The will directs that all the just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of the estate; the reminder of the estate do be divided to the children of the decedent.
Mary A Palmer, aged 52 years, and Nixon E Palmer, aged 22 years are named executors of the will. Thomas Palmer and John English were the witnesses to the testament, and certify to the genuineness of the document. The heirs named are:
Mary A Palmer, daughter aged 52 years, of Marion County, Oregon. William W Parkes, son, aged 51 years of Cheyenne, Wy; Robert H Parkes, son, aged 48 years, of Lewiston, Idaho. The heirs of Lottie E Palmer, daughter: Mary Palmer, aged 26 years, of Lebanon; Emma Reed, aged 24 years, Portland; Nettie Palmer, aged 9 years of Marion county, and Nellie Palmer, aged 9 years, of Marion county; Caleb A Parkes, son, aged 44 years of Colton, Washington. James R Parkes, son, of Concord, Washington; George B Parkes, son, of Concord, Washington; Flora McAlpin, daughter, of Kiona, Washington.
Decedent was 80 years old when the will was made and signed.4,5
William Wade Parks was "W W Parks and J P Rose went to Colfax, on Wednesday, to be in attendance at the teachers examination." - from the Pullman Herald.

11 October 1890
"W W Parks took charge of the Uniontown public school last Monday. Mr Parks taught at the Colton school last winter. He is a very efficient teacher and will no doubt do good work for the people of Uniontown." on 16 August 1890.

Children of William and Mary

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