Matilda Nettle Glover

#2595, b. 29 January 1811, d. 1901
Father*John Philpott Glover b. c 1769, d. b 1856
Mother*Matilda Nettle b. c 1773, d. a 1850
     Matilda Nettle Glover was born on 29 January 1811 Maryland. She was the daughter of John Philpott Glover and Matilda Nettle. Matilda and Nicholas Koontz were married say 1837. Matilda and John R. Jackson were married 4 May 1848 Cowlitz Prairie, Washington, The "Early Oregonian Search" gives the place as Clackamas County, Oregon.
"Family Tradition" gives it as Washington. Matilda Nettle Glover died 1901 at age 89 years.

Children of Matilda and Nicholas

Children of Matilda and John

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