Amy C Richardson

#6301, b. 26 January 1869, d. 16 November 1896
Father*Andrew Jackson Richardson b. c 1834
Mother*Mary Jane Gallaher b. 8 Nov 1837, d. 24 Jan 1898
     Amy C Richardson was born on 26 January 1869. She was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Richardson and Mary Jane Gallaher. Amy and John Daniels were married. Amy C Richardson and an unknown person were divorced before 1896. She died 16 November 1896, in Colton, Whitman County, Washington at age 27 years, 9 months and 21 days and was buried Colton Cemetery, Colton, Whitman County, Washington, with her mother, Mary J Richardson, who died in 1898. Her estate was probated Daniels: Byron and Norman, guardianship. Guardian: Andrew Morgan Richardson. Mother Amy Celia Richardson Daniels, deceased; divorced father John Daniels. Ruth M. Rooks, aunt of Walla Walla, Wa; Ella Gay, aunt of Crawfordsville, OR; Olive Anglin, aunt of Daisy, WA; Ella Daniels, aunt of Lebanon, ID; Francis M. Richardson, uncle of Torod, WA; Andrew M. Richardson, uncle of Walla walla, Wa; W. C. Richardson, uncle of Walla Walla, WA.

(note: This may be Morgan Gallaher. I cannot find any of the children, nor Andrew Richardson. I did find that Mary Jane Gallaher Richardson had a brother Andrew Morgan. However, since almost none of the Richardson clan shows up in a census from 1860, here could be a brother Morgan Richardson.)

Family of Amy and John

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