Celia Humphries1

#1834, b. 8 March 1802, d. 28 July 1893
Father*George Humphries2 b. c 1770, d. a 1850
Mother*Charlotta (--?--)3 b. c 1775, d. a 1850
     Celia Humphries was born on 8 March 1802 Pulaski County, Kentucky.4 She was the daughter of George Humphries and Charlotta (--?--).2,3 A marriage bond was executed for Celia and Caleb Richardson dated on 2 February 1818 Pulaski County, Kentucky. The bond was signed by There is a marriage bond dated 2 Feb 1818 for Sealy Humphreys and Caleb Richardson, consent of his mother, Jane Richardson, and of her father, George Humphries. Boler Humphries surety for the bond.

A copy (handwritten) of a list of marriage returns by marriage date has Cabel Richardson and Selay Muphras, 29 January 1818.

The handwriting on the pages was uniform, although the "signatures" were for "Wesley White," "W White." Beginning at the middle of the page, the dates are Feb 26, 17 Feb, 29th Jan, 8 Mar, 19 May. Note that they are not in date order, and cover five months. Further, this book covers a wide range of dates, from this to 1860, within a couple of pages, making me suspicious that this is a "copy of a copy of copies" of other record books.

Image 196, printed page "411" ends with a side notation

"page 358 - I hereby certify that on the 28th day of Feb 1859"

the next page is printed 52 with a marginal notation "Page 50" and begins "Pulasky County Court by the Reverend Wesley White..."

After several entries, we find:

"Edmond Briders and Polly Gancy I have likewise joined together 17th day of February - W White
Cabel Richardson and Selay Muphras I have joined together January 29 1818.
W W White"

Interspersed among the returns is some version the following statement "The foregoing lists of marriages was returned to me in my office as Clerk of the Pulaski County Court by the reverend Westly White and the same has been duly recorded in my office. Att Will Fox CPC
End of Page 50."

Further, the handwriting has a general slightly left slant except for the "Muphras" which is
somewhat smaller, and clearly written later in a space not quite big enough. It likely was not readable when read from the bond by the clerk, or Atty Will Fox, so entered into the register as a blank. Later, someone either read the bond again, or they asked.

It is not possible to determine from this the actual date of the marriage, but likely a few days after the bond.5,6,7 Celia and Caleb Richardson, son of William Richardson and Jane Bobbitt, were married after 2 February 1818 Pulaski County, Kentucky.7 Celia Humphries died 28 July 1893, in Colton, Whitman County, Washington at age 91 years, 4 months and 20 days2 and was buried Colton Cemetery, Colton, Washington.

Children of Celia and Caleb

Celia (Humphries) Richardson, a modern snapshot from a much earlier carte de visite, probably
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