Charles Parks

#1866, b. 6 February 1883, d. 23 December 1950
Father*William Wade Parks b. 14 Feb 1848, d. 22 Oct 1908
Mother*Mary Ann Holman b. Feb 1855, d. 1 Feb 1917
     Charles Parks was born on 6 February 1883 Union County, Oregon. He was the son of William Wade Parks and Mary Ann Holman. Charles Parks died 23 December 1950 at age 67.
     Charles does not appear as a child of Wm Wade Parks on his probate.

In 1900, we find Mary Parks, head, b Jan 1845, Iowa, four children/four living, in Pearmond, Dawson County, Montana.
With her was son Charles, b Feb 1883, age 17, born in Oregon, father born in Oregon, mother born in Iowa. No other children present. No sign of WW.

A few houses away is George Holman, Aug 1861, Iowa.
With him is Lottie, wife, March 1879, Oregon, fb Iowa, mb Iowa.
Two daughters, Cora and Dora. They have been married five years.

Now, known children of Mary A (Holman) and W W Parks include:
Martha Jane, Cynthia Ellen, and Mary Charlotte, identified on WW's probate. Plus, George, born 1874, died 1881.

If you add Charles, that's five children, four living, for Mary Ann.

Understandable if Charles wasn't WW's child, but that's not the question on the census.1
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