Robert Povall

#409, b. circa 1652, d. 1727/28
Father*John Povall1 b. c 1630
Mother*Sarah (--?--)1
     Robert Povall was baptized circa 1652 St Martins in the Fields Parish, Westminister, London, England; There is a baptismal record for Robert, Son of John and Sarah, 1 Nov 1652. However, that child died 13 May 1653, unless there is an error in the documents.

Robert, sonne of John Pouall and of Sarah his wife.

St Gregory by St Paul.
Why not St Martins, Westminster?

There are two baptisms for sons of John and Sarah, Robert in 1652 and Daniel, 10 May 1649.

Also, Elizabeth, 16 May 1647.

With the Povall spelling, we have Richard, 17 Feb 1644, Hannah, 18 Mar 1657,

Burial of Hanna, 2 Jun 1658, Burial of Sarah, 15 Aug 1658, Burial of Henry, 30 Jul 1659. Great plague was in 1665-6.2,1 He was the son of John Povall and Sarah (--?--).1 Robert and Elizabeth Hooker, daughter of Joseph Hooker, were married 3 September 1683 Henrico, Virginia, record returned to Jamestown that date. Robert Povall died 1727/28.
     ( Richard/Robin Poveall.)

In 1683, Robert Povall (Clerk had Richard) and his wife, Elizabeth Hooker filed an injunction against her cousin Oliver Gregory in the Perogatory Court of Canterbury, alleging he was making off with her inheritance.

In 1685, in an indenture with George Blythe to come to Virginia as a "servant," he is referred to as
"Robert Povall of the sd Parish of St Martin's in the Fields in the County of said Mariner." (Recorded in Jamestown. Need to see original)

Did that mean HE was from St Martin's personally? Or, that he married into the family of Hookers who were generations in the parish. What does the "Mariner" mean. St Martin in the Fields was outside the City of London, in Middlesex, from 1222, rebuilt in 1542, and several times after that.
St Martin in the Fields Parish Records are scarce before 1681,

In looking for a Robert/Rob/Robin Povall/etc in the time frame for "our" Robert Povall, a candidate appears with good credentials.

Born to John Povall and Sarah (unnamed) and baptized 1 November 1652.
Points in his favor? This Robert named his first son John, he was born into a merchant family (father John was a ranking member of the leathersellers guild), probably related to at least some of the Virginia Company.
However, many of the abstracted records also have "this" Robert being buried 13 May 1653. Both of these activities were in St Gregory by St Pauls.
The parish record books are a bit confusing, with one "St Gregory by St Paul, 1636-1687," the other being "St Gregory Parish Register 1627-1659."
As it turns out, the Baptism is in the broader register. Both appear to be a clerical copies of earlier registers.

The 1627-1659 register has baptisms only through 24 March 1651, while the burials begin in 1627 and end in 1659.

The 1636-1387 register has baptisms from 31 Mar 1651 to 30 January 1686, but burials only from 1660-1685. This Robert was baptised in 1652, and buried in 1653.

It is unfortunate that the extractors chose to treat the items as one, and, in the case of (where the scans are available) make indexes with "England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975" with both dates, no image.

Another index, "London, England, CHurch of England, Baptisms, Marriages and burials, 1648-1812" gives the baptism, with a link to the scanned image.

Back to the "good old days," a wide search for the smaller scale register, along with paging through it, gives us the actual reference. "Robert sonne of John Pouall buried 13 May 1653."

Gregory by St Paul was a parish church literally attached to the wall of the Cathedral of St Paul. After the Great Fire of London in 1666, Sir Christopher Wren built a new St Paul's on the site. St Gregory merged with another parish, St Mary Magdalene Old Fish Street. There was quite a bit of this merging at that time, and we are grateful that any records survived.

An extensive search of records of.

He left a will in 1727/28

Probate was completed by 1733.3

Children of Robert and Elizabeth

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