George Humphries

#2771, b. circa 1770, d. after 1850
     George Humphries was born circa 1770 North Carolina. He married Charlotta (--?--). George Humphries died after 1850 , Kentucky.

Is anyone out there researching George Humphreys/Humphries of Pulaski Co., KY?

I am studying a Humphries family that lived in Pendleton District SC in the early 1800s. Early on, this family lived around the Keowee River, but after about 1815, they seem to have relocated to a place by the Saluda River, on something called “George’s Creek.” This family was related to John and Catherine Humphries who had moved to Pendleton District, SC from Wake Co., NC about the year 1800. John Humphries left his will in Pendleton District in 1808.

There is a George Humphries mentioned in several Pendleton records living near Brushy Creek of the Saluda River. He first appears in the land records about 1792 and disappears in 1800.

The last land record for him in Pendleton District reads as follows:

Book? Pages 125-126: I George Humphrey for $150 sold to [left out] McClardy, 150 acres part of tract granted to Mas(?) Wadsworth and Turpin on Saluda River on Brushy Creek. Wit: Phillip Bowles, Ben. (?) Clardy…Charlotte (X) Humphrey, wife of George Humphrey, released dower to Robert McCann, 28 Oct. 1800. Benjamin Clardy made oath to Robt. McCann, J. P., 28 Oct. 1800. Rec: 20 Jan 1801.”
Reference: Willie, Betty (1982), Pendleton District SC Deed, 1790-1806, p. 232

Just for fun, I looked up George and Charlotte Humphries in the 1850 census and found a couple by that name in Pulaski County, KY. They were old enough to be the same people as George and Charlotte of SC as George was 80 and Charlotte was 75. George was born in NC and Charlotte was born in SC. Most if not all of the Humphries in Pendleton District came from NC.

There were at least three different families of Humphries living in Pendleton District in the early 1800s, so George could belong to any of them or none of them. However, my thought is that perhaps he is an unknown relative of John Humphries in that he was settled roughly where John’s children would later go to live on “George’s Creek.”
There are one or two other tidbits of information that might indicate an association between George and the Humphries family who came to Pendleton from Wake Co.

One possible problem with this identification is that there is a George Humphries in both the 1800 Pendleton and Pulaski Co. censuses. But it could be that George actually moved during the year of 1800 and was enumerated in both places. The census records are remarkably alike. George in Pulaski had 2 males 10-16 that were not in Pendleton George’s family and 2 additional females under the age of 10, but otherwise the counts in each category are identical. Maybe George brought some nieces and nephews with him to KY and that accounts for the extra people.

I would like to exchange information with George’s descendants. We might find similarities of family names, etc., that would aid in identifying the Georges in Pendleton District, SC and Pulaski County, KY. Hope to hear from someone.

Thank you.


Gary Murrell:
George & Charlotta Humphreys (Humphries) of Pulaski Co., KY

The following information on this family of Pendleton District, SC and Pulaski Co., KY was compiled by me while working on the Franky Humphreys – John Hammack family (see below). Most was obtained from census records. I have background material (notes and sources) which I could furnish upon request. This is being posted as a response to Charlene’s posting on this family; she and I have been corresponding on this. This family chart is still under construction. Anyone having information on the unknown male or two unknown females in this family would be welcomed by this researcher.

1. George HUMPHREYS (Humphries) was born about 1770 in North Carolina.

George HUMPHREYS and Charlotta UNKNOWN were married between 1790 and 1792 in prob South Carolina. They appeared in the census in 1800 in Pendleton District, South Carolina. They appeared in the census in 1810 in Pulaski Co., KY. They appeared in the census in 1820 in Pulaski Co., KY. They appeared in the census in 1830 in Pulaski Co., KY. They appeared in the census in 1840 in Pulaski Co., KY. They appeared in the census on 27 Aug 1850 in Pulaski Co., KY. Charlotta UNKNOWN was born in 1774 in South Carolina. George HUMPHREYS and Charlotta UNKNOWN had the following children:

+2 i. Mary (Polly) HUMPHREYS, born about 1788, South Carolina; married Aaron RANEY (Rainey), on 7 Nov 1804, NC or TN.
3 ii. Male (1790-1794) HUMPHREYS was born between 1790 and 1794.
+4 iii. Frances (Franky) HUMPHREYS, born about 1796, South Carolina; married John HAMMACK, on 22 Dec 1812, Pulaski Co., KY; married Jonathan Davis ESAREY, on 7 Jan 1844, Perry Co., IN; died on 11 Oct 1851.
5 iv. David HUMPHREYS was born about 1796 in NC or SC.
6 v. Boler (Bowler, Bolar, Bowlar) HUMPHREYS was born in 1799/1800 in prob SC
7 vi. John HUMPHREYS was born about 1803.
+8 vii. George HUMPHREYS Jr., born about 1805, Pulaski Co., KY; married Elizabeth UNKNOWN, about 1836, prob Pulaski Co., KY.
+9 viii. Morris HUMPHREYS, born about 1808, Kentucky (probably Pulaski Co.); married Polly UNKNOWN, about 1830, prob Pulaski Co., KY.
10 ix. Female 1800-1810 HUMPHREYS was born between 1800 and 1810 in Pulaski Co., KY.
10 x. Female 1800-1810 HUMPHREYS, born between 1800 and 1810, Pulaski Co., KY.
+11 xi. Sarah (Sallie) HUMPHREYS, born about 1806, Pulaski Co., KY; married Aaron VANHOOK, on 23 May 1823, Pulaski Co., KY.

Update. I have more complete and accurate information now than my earlier posting. Email me if you have an interest in this family. All children are known but one. George and Charlotta Humphreys of Pendleton District, SC and Pulaski Co., KY.

Just a note. Gary was kind enough to point out to me that there was no 1800 census in Kentucky, as least not one for Pulaski County. I went back and checked my records. He was right. The census I had labeled "1800 Pulaski County, KY" was clearly marked 1810. That solves one problem in that we don't have to account for George in two places at once in 1800. A George Humphries with wife Charlotte appeared in Pendleton District SC about 1792. In 1800 he sold out his stake in Pendleton. A George Humphries immediately appeared in Pulaski KY records and was recorded there all the way through 1850, where it was noted on the 1850 census that he was born in NC and his wife in SC. George of Pendleton District SC seems a very reasonable candidate to be the one who moved to Pulaski Co. KY about 1800 and lived there for most or all of the rest of his life.

So there are two issues to be addressed. One is to continue to gather evidence demonstrating that George of Pulaski and George of Pendleton were the same man, although the possibility seems likely. Nevertheless, more evidence would not hurt. The second issue is to determine the origins of Pendleton George, which are not known. There were (possibly) two branches of the Wake Co., NC Humphries family in Pendleton District SC at the time George was there, and another completely different Humphries family that had come from Surry Co., NC. George may be connected to one of those families or he may be from an altogether different Humphries clan. None of those families have claimed George, although there are some clues that he may be associated with the Wake County clan.

Gary has done a marvelous job collecting and providing information about the George family in Pulaski County, KY. We hope that descendants of that family will be interested in following up on this information to find out more about George Humphries of Pulaski Co., KY and his origins.

This is meant to be a final follow-up to this thread, at least for now. Researchers Jim and Drew responded to these messages and we put together what they had about this family with what Gary and I had. Jim had information that George's son Bolar Humphries was actually Phillip Bolar Humphries. That rang a bell in my mind. When I reviewed the deeds that mentioned George Humphries in the Pendleton SC records, one was witnessed by Philip "Bowles" and another was witnessed by "Phillip P. Boulware." Further research indicated that there was a man by that name (Phillip Boulware or Bolar) living in Pendleton District, SC at that time. We agreed that it would be an incredible coincidence if the George Humphries of Pendleton District whose deeds were witnessed by "Phillip Boulware" and the George Humphries of Pulaski Co., GA who named his son Phillip Bolar Humphries were two completely different men. So we are all pretty much convinced now that George Humphries of Pendleton District, SC and George Humphries of Pulaski Co., KY are the same man.

We weren't able to get too far identifying whether or how Phillip Boulware might be related to George Humphries. The brother or father of George's wife might be a good guess. We did find that two daughters of William and Ann Humphries of Edgefield Co, SC married men named Boulware. William and Ann are believed to have originated in PA. So there may be a connection there, but this still needs to be proven. I know I can speak for Gary, Jim, and Drew when I say that we hope that anyone who does further research on this family will benefit from this information and we invite them post any further findings so that everyone can benefit from them.



Possible children:
Mary (Polly) HUMPHREYS b: 1787/88 in South Carolina
Unknown Son (1790-1794) HUMPHREYS b: BET 1790 AND 1794
Frances (Franky) HUMPHREYS b: ABT 1796 in South Carolina
David HUMPHREYS b: 1795 in South Carolina
Philip Bolar HUMPHREYS b: ABT 1798 in South Carolina
Celia HUMPHREYS b: ABT 1802 in Pulaski Co., KY
John HUMPHREYS b: ABT 1803 in Pulaski Co., KY
George HUMPHREYS b: 16 FEB 1805 in Pulaski Co., KY
Sarah (Sallie) HUMPHREYS b: ABT 1806 in Pulaski Co., KY
Robert Morris HUMPHRIES b: ABT 1808 in Kentucky (probably Pulaski Co.)
Unknown Daughter (1804-1810) HUMPHREYS b: BET 1804 AND 1810 in Pulaski Co., KY

possible wife, Charlotta, b 1774 n SC.

George is listed in the 1840 census of Pulaski County as "one male 60-70, one female 60-70." Next door is George also, 30-40, wth three females under five and one female 20-30. He is there also, with Charlotta, in 1850. With them is Franke Raney, 21 year old female. Next door is Bollar Raney, 22. Are these relatives? One of the Humphries boys was named Boler.

Child of George and Charlotta

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