Francis Graves

#708, b. say 1629/30, d. before 1694
     Francis Graves was born say 1629/30 Virginia. Francis and (--?--) (--?--) were married before 1677. Francis and Jane Davenport were married before 28 November 1678. Francis Graves died before 1694 , Virginia.

From the Graves Family Association research:
Francis Graves, Sr. (1) was born about 1630 in Virginia, and died about 1691 (before 5 Aug. 1691). The birth date of Francis was inferred from the belief that he was still a minor and described as "orphan of Capt. Thomas Graves decd." in 1642. (Although that date may still be the correct one, we now know that he was not a son of Capt. Thomas Graves.) We have no information about Francis Graves until 1672, and it is possible that he didn’t live in Virginia much before that. According to Mrs. Hiden, it is likely from the associates his family chose that he spent some time in Gloucester Co., VA before settling in Essex Co., VA. It is also probable that he lived in Essex Co. before patenting land there, and that the 714 acres he patented 10 Oct. 1672 (S.L.O. 6, p. 436) "on the south side of the river, part on the branch of Gilson's Creek and part on Hoskins Creek adjoining Mr. Beverley's corner," represented a choice of location rather than just the reward for transporting 14 persons.
He married Jane Maguffey (or McGuffy or Maguffy) before 28 Nov. 1678. Her maiden name may have been Davenport, and she may have first married Mr. Maguffey, secondly Francis Graves, and thirdly John D. Doughty. The marriage of Francis to Jane was his second (according to Mrs. Sue Davis). At the time of his marriage to Jane he gave certain cattle to his step-children, John and Jane Maguffey and Elizabeth Davenport (Old Rappahannock Records, Deeds and Wills 6, p. 57). The original deed is preserved among the loose papers of Essex Co. and shows Francis Graves's firm signature.
In 1694, after Francis had died and Jane had remarried John Doughty, this new husband deeded certain property to Jane's sons, Francis, Richard, and Thomas Graves (Essex Deeds and Wills 6, Reverse of book, p. 296). Doughty died between 1704, when he is listed in the Quit Rent Roll (Va. Mag., vol. 33, p. 262), and 1715, when Francis and Thomas Graves (sons of Jane and Francis) appear on the list (Essex Quit Rent Roll 1715, Archives Div., Va. State Library).
According to The Diary of Robert Rose, p. 320, Francis Graves, Jr., who died in 1748, had a nephew Benjamin Graves who had been overseer, first for the Rev. John Bagge on Thomas Button's "Range" plantation in Essex Co. in 1726 and earlier, and then for Parson Rose at the glebe in Essex Co., Va.
One of the most disputed issues regarding Francis Graves has been the identity of his parents. It was long believed that Francis was a son of Capt. Thomas Graves of VA (genealogy 169). A record referred to Fra. Graves, orphan of Thomas Graves. This child was originally said by genealogist William Montgomery Sweeny in a published article in 1935 (R906) to be a son of Capt. Thomas Graves. This was repeated by Mrs. P. W. Hiden in 1936 (R907). However, others provided evidence that the last child of Capt. Thomas Graves was a daughter, and that the male Francis Graves was a son of someone else unknown. After a thorough search and examination of the documentary evidence, Richard Kesler decided that this last child of Thomas probably was a son, as explained in the Appendix at the end of this book. However, the results of the Graves DNA Study indicate that Francis was a son of another Graves immigrant, and the child of Capt. Thomas Graves was a daughter. Since the documentary evidence is ambiguous and the DNA evidence is conclusive, there is now no question that the youngest child of Capt. Thomas Graves was a daughter. As a result, the male Francis Graves and his descendants have been removed from genealogy 169 and placed in this separate genealogy.
The DNA testing of descendants not only proves that Francis Graves was not related to any of the children of Capt. Thomas Graves, but it also proves that he did share Graves ancestry with Rear Admiral Thomas Graves of Massachusetts (genealogy 28), and it is suspected that he was probably closely related to this other Thomas Graves. The involvement of Richard Graves, son of Francis, in coastal trade with a sloop supports the connection of Francis with a seafaring and shipowning family. (R14, R20, R906, R907, R918.)

Francis Graves (Sr.) was long thought to have been the son of Capt Thomas Graves, Jamestown immigrant. However, the advent of yDNA studies have shown that he did not belong to this family, and in fact, is closely related to the Rear Admiral Thomas Graves of Massachusetts.
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Child of Francis and (--?--)

Children of Francis and Jane

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