David Starn Graves

#599, b. 12 August 1819, d. 22 November 1877
Father*William Graves b. 13 Jul 1792, d. 28 Jul 1841
Mother*Lucy Berger b. 26 Oct 1801, d. 12 Nov 1839
     David Starn Graves was born on 12 August 1819 Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He was the son of William Graves and Lucy Berger. David and Lucy A. Wade Dickenson, daughter of Crispin Dickenson and Christianna Berger, were married 23 August 1841 Pittsylvania County, Virginia. David and Ida V Saunders, daughter of Alfred E. Saunders and Martha Collins Berger, were married after 1861 "Cousin Lucy died first, and cousin David married again. His second wife was his cousin Ida Saunders. He died before Ida did, and she became the wife of cousin Samuel S. Nowlin. David Starn Graves died 22 November 1877 , Pittsylvania County, Virginia at age 58.
     ( David Stam The middle name Stam appears in some histories. However, it is more likely Starn, as the name Stam occurs no where else. It is not uncommon for letter combinations like "me" "rn" and so on to be misread due to the verticles. There were Starn/Stern families in the area.)

Family of David and Lucy

Children of David and Ida

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