Louisa J Glover

#4060, b. September 1854, d. 1911
Father*Philip Glover b. 4 Mar 1829, d. 8 Jul 1917
Mother*Delilah Edmunson b. 7 Feb 1838, d. 26 Mar 1920
     Louisa J Glover was born in September 1854 Marion County, Oregon. per 1900 census. Listed as Amelia. She was the daughter of Philip Glover and Delilah Edmunson. Louisa and Lewis Alfred Loomis were married 1 February 1877 Pacific County, Washington.1 Louisa J Glover died 1911. She was buried Oysterville Cemetery, Oysterville, Pacific County, Washington. She was buried Oysterville Cemetery, Oysterville, Pacific County, Washington.2
     Her married name was Loomis (Glover).

Early Ilwaco railroad stop south of Klipsan Beach. Loomis station was actually the mansion of Ilwaco railroad president Lewis A. Loomis. Lewis and his old brother Ed came west in 1849 to invest in Pacific City. When the venture failed Lewis left the area. When he returned in 1872, Lewis and his brother purchased land on the weather beach and went into the transportation business. Lewis's promotions eventually resulted in the formation and construction of the Ilwaco Railroad and Navigation Company in 1888. The first five miles of track were not laid before Lewis built a great mansion on his weather beach property where he lived with his wife, children, and bachelor brother Ed. When the tracks eventually reached the front door of the mansion "Loomis station" became one of many unscheduled railroad stops. The Loomis home was a place to entertain railroad investors and hold board meetings. The frequent, unscheduled stops along the route from Ilwaco to Nahcotta earned the railroad epithets, such as "The Delay, Linger, and Wait Railroad", "The Irregular, Rambling, and Never-get-there Railroad" and the "Clamshell Railroad". After Loomis died in July 1913, the mansion fell in to disrepair and the railroad quit making stops. In 1953, the derelict mansion was torn down by a grandson of Loomis.

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Children of Louisa and Lewis

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