George M Glover

#2583, b. 29 July 1833, d. 19 February 1878
Father*Philip Glover b. 26 Mar 1795, d. 25 Dec 1872
Mother*Sarah Koontz b. 13 Apr 1803, d. 9 Jul 1885
     George M Glover was born on 29 July 1833.1 He was the son of Philip Glover and Sarah Koontz. George M Glover died 19 February 1878 at age 44.1
      The 1870 census has
Geo M Glover, 37, keeps Dearmarer?, b Missouri
Nancy E Glover, 20, b Iowa
Geo M Glover, 3, b Oregon
Sarah M Glover, 2, b Oregon

Jerry Manning (Ancestry tree) indicates that George M died Feb 1877 in Union County, Ore. He also lists Nancy as being Nancy (Nellie) Tartar (no source).

indicates they were born bef 1877, and I do not find them in Oregon in 1880. I do find Geo M Glover, age 12, in Spokane Falls, listed as Nephew to James Nettle and Susan Trump Glover, with John (age 35, brother) also in the household. Interestingly, Samuel Glover, b 1831, is living in Humboldt Basin, a gold miner.

The 1880 census of Salmon City, Lemhi County, Idaho, lists:
James Casey, 26, Ireland
Josephine, 19, Iowa
Cummings, Margaret, 50, Ohio
Clover, Mamis, 14, niece, Oregon

There were a number of Tartars in Polk County in 1870.
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