Mary Ghest1

#3144, d. circa 1673
     Mary Ghest married Squire Gideon Hooker, son of Thomas Hooker and Mary Pritchard, 1650 St Bartholomew The Great, London, England, Gideon Hoker to Mary Guest.2 Mary Ghest died circa 1673.
     Her married name was Hooker (Ghest).

Mary, wife of Gideon, left a will in 1673 that named a bunch of people, many relatives. Her "brothers" were named -- Ghest, Bird, Holland.

Because brother William Ghest got the majority of the land holdings, I suspect he was the full brother , the others perhaps half-brothers or step-brothers.

Mary Ghest/Bird/Holland:

first mentioned is brother William Ghest, and he gets the majority of the land holdings.
He has a son, William Ghest. The property is in the parish of "Cheth???" in Burkes and herfford?

Thomas Bird [ ] son of my brother John Bird ("of the exchange" milliner at SMF)
John Bird, Phillip Bird, Ethelored Bradshaw (fower children of bro John bird)

sister Emme Ghest

Goddaughter Mary Bradshaw

John Duncombe of the new exchange (wife Dorothy) son John Duncombe

Mrs Hooke
Martha Gregory
Ann Whitle
Jane Bodily

Ethelred Ghest dau of brother William Ghest (six more daughters)
Emme Ghest, dau of brother Edward Ghest

brother Anthony Holland, his daughters Frances Holland and Mary Holland, and at least one son living then.

cousin Emme Frances and Catherin Mayes/Wayes
Cousin James Wybourne (two daughters by neece Ann Mayes/Wayes)

Anthony Lane/Vane esq (groom of her majs privy chamber) 1000 pounds.

Anthony Lane/Vane, Emme Ghest (sister) and John Duncombe were executors.

Codicil names nephew John ?awton to John Bird.

Choices of parishes in Leicestershire:
Hallaton, Houghton, Ilston, Knighton, Knipton, Knossington
Laughton, lockington, Loddington, Misterton, Orton, Owston, Packington, Peckleton, Shangton
Sibson, Slawston, Snibston, Croxton, Sproxton, Stapleton, Thornton, Tilton, Tur Langton, Langston.

The fact that none of the Hooker brothers are named, and no progeny of theirs are named means one of two things. One, Gideon's estate, as the eldest son, was entailed to the next in line, Joseph. Mary may have had "life use" of some of it, and thus, that estate went into probate after her death. There should be more records.

The other option is that the brothers were all dead, and except for Elizabeth Hooker, none left progeny.

An Emm Ghest married William Pope 6 Jan 1690. per England Marriages 1538-1973.3

Family of Mary and Gideon

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