William Nelson Caldwell

#5226, b. circa 1817
     William Nelson Caldwell was born circa 1817 Ohio. William and Jane Richardson, daughter of Caleb Richardson and Celia Humphries, were married.
      Jane's mother, Celia, is found living with widower William Caldwell in the 1880 census of Tipton County, Indiana. She is listed as his "mother." In the household at the time are son Nelson, 30, Celia, 25, and Effie, 15.

Further searching of the previous censuses produces this family, through 1870, 60, in Tipton County, and in Boone County, 1850.

The family is 1850 was:

William N Caldwell 33 OH
Jane 25 IN
Andrew M 5 IN
Caleb R 3 IN
Baby 3/12 IN

1860 has:
Wm N Caldwell 42 OH
Jane 36 IN
Andrew 15 IN
Wm N 10 IN
Celia 6 IN
no name 2/12 IN

1870 has:
Caldwell, William, 52 OH
Jane 46 IN
Nelson 20 IN
Celia 17 IN
McClellan 8 IN
Effa 5 IN

It appears that "baby" in 1850 was William N in 1860, while Caleb R has died. "No Name" in 1860 apparently died before 1870, however, it may be McClellen, as the ages don't match from census to census for Celia (the younger) either.

Children of William and Jane

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