Theresa Bruce

#700, d. before 1827
     Theresa Bruce married Ambrose Barbour. Theresa Bruce died before 1827.
     Her married name was Barbour (Bruce).

RED FLAG! It no longer appears that this Theresa was a Bruce:

It appears that Sophia Sherlock discovered a 1797 deed of land from John Bruce to Ambrose Barbour and another deed which included both Bruce heirs and Barbour heirs and mistakenly assumed a familial connection between Ambrose Barbour and a daughter of John Bruce. According to “The Clay Family,” an 1899 book published by the Filson Club, John Bruce and Elizabeth Clay had a total of sixteen children. The names of fourteen of them are known. Whether Theresa and Cornelia are the names of the two unknown children remains uncertain. What now appears clear, however, is that the supposed marriage between Ambrose Barbour and a daughter of John Bruce never took place. It is unfortunate that Theresa (Barbour) is among the names of John Bruce and Elizabeth Clay’s children engraved on their new (1991) Garrard County grave marker as available evidence suggests that the earlier research was in error.1      

Family of Theresa and Ambrose

Last Edited=6 May 2016


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