Martha Bruce1

#6923, b. circa 1749
Father*John Bruce1 b. s 1700, d. b 13 Aug 1752
Mother*Margaret Jones1 b. c 1725/26, d. bt 1769 - 1797
     Martha Bruce was born circa 1749.1 She was the daughter of John Bruce and Margaret Jones.1
      Culpeper Sct. Spencer Bobo made oath before me that about 20 years ago or thereabouts the woman that is now called the widow Bruce came to live on the land which is called Bruce’s and some time after that saw John Bruce on his land and asked him if he not intended to give his son John that land. He said he did not and that he had a wife and five children in Scotland and that he would give his eldest son then in Scotland that land. And the said Bobo further saith Bruce’s children, which was a son and a daughter, was bound to him and after they being free he had occasion to know their age and went to where he understood they were born and was there informed that John Bruce was not married to Margaret, but that John and Margaret was obliged to remove from that county in order to save paying the fine for having a bastard child which he says is John Bruce, Jr., that now claims the land. And the said Bobo further saith that after the death of John Bruce, Margaret showed him a will that she said was John Bruce’s and by that will half the land was devised to John, Jr., and the other half to his sister, Martha. The said Bobo further saith that he see a memorandum on the back of the will, that it was recorded in the office of Albemarle County with the clerk’s name to it but does not remember the clerk’s name. The said Bobo further saith from all appearances he believes John Bruce, Jr., is the son of John Bruce, Sen., and that Margaret behaved as Bruce’s wife, but that there was a report they never was married. Certified under my hand this 1st of May 1770. Jas Barbour, Jr.

(from Bruce King's manuscript -- June 2010.)
Last Edited=12 Jan 2020


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