Elizabeth Woodson1

#124, b. 19 March 1734, d. say 7 January 1787
Father*Stephen Woodson b. 1703/4, d. 18 Jan 1734/35
Mother*Elizabeth Branch d. 7 Nov 1789
     Elizabeth Woodson was born on 19 March 1734. She was the daughter of Stephen Woodson and Elizabeth Branch. Elizabeth and Alexander Trent were married 1 January 1753 The Valentine Papers, Vol 1-4, 1864-1908 Woodson Family Marriage Bonds Alexander Trent to Elizabeth Woodson ; John Woodson , security. Dat. Jan. 1, 1753 ; letter of consent from Charles Bates , guardian to sd. Elizabeth , daughter of Stephen Woodson , decd.2 Elizabeth Woodson died say 7 January 1787.
     As of 1 January 1753, her married name was Trent (Woodson).

Stephen Woodson Bible, Printed 1732, Now Owned by Robert C. McEwen, Howell, Tenn. Pauline Macon Jones The William and Mary Quarterly, Second Series, Vol. 8, No. 4 (Oct., 1928), pp. 310-311 (article consists of 2 pages)

Contributed by Pauline Macon Jones, Huntsville, Ala

Transcribed and included in Genealogies of Virginia Families From the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine
Volume V – Thompson – Yates (and Appendix) Indexed by Robert and Catherine Barnes

“Stephen Woodson, son of John Woodson, of Curles, (and Judith Tarleton) was maryed to Elizabeth Branch, daughter of Matthew Branch, of Warwick, the second day of November in the Year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty, by whom he had two children, Matthew, the first born was born Feb.25, 1731-2 and Elizabeth the second, was born the 19th day of March Anno 1734 and he himselfe died the 18th day of January 1735. Stephen Woodson the Second was born, Sep. 25, 1735.” (Stephen Woodson was the third child born after his father’s death on September 25, 1735. He married Lucy Farrar and had Stephen Woodson, born January 11, 1759)

Daniel Bates, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Bates, was born March 4, 1744.
Molley Bates was born February 27, 1747.
Charles Fleming Bates was born May 26, 1749.
Stephen Woodson, son of Stephen II and Lucy Farrar Woodson, was born Janury 11, 1759
Elizabeth Bates died November 7, 1789, at 1 o’clock in the morning (Elizabeth Branch Woodson Bates: 1st married Stephen Woodson who died 18 January 1735 and had three children, the last of which was born after her husband died; 2nd married Charles Bates who died 16 May 1790)
Charles Bates died May 16, 1790, at 8 o’clock at night, in his sevety-second year
Daniel Bates died September 19, 1800, at 12 o’clock at night, in the fifty-seventh year of his age.
Elizabeth Bell Porter died May 27, 1807, in the twenty-seventh year of her age.
Dutoy Porter died August 29, 1809, in the twenty-eighth year of his age
Daniel Bates Friend, grandson of Daniel Bates, was married on the 13th of September, 1826 to Maria B. Bentley, great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Woodson who married a Mr. Trent, and who was a half-sister of the above named Daniel Bates. I have been particular in recording the above marriage that our children may bby referring to a preceding page, trace their ancestry back to the year 1730. Maria B. Friend
John Osborne Friend, born October 2, 1827
Efford Bentley Friend, born November 26, 1828, and died July 24, 1832.
Elizabeth Gay and William Field Friend were born July 15, 1833, and William died March 22, 1845.
Pocahontas Cary Friend was born December 8, 1835, and died July 11, 1836.
Maria Frances Friend was born January 17, 1838, and died May 28, 1839.
Daniel Bates Friend was born October 30, 1841.
Ann Maria Friend was born September 19, 1843 and died June 10, 1910.
Sarah Lavinia Friend, born April 10, 1847.
Ellen Maria Pruet or Brent Friend, born December 21, 1854. Baptized by Rev. Samuel McCowan, Sabbath morning, Janury 21, 1855. This child is the infant daughter of John O. and Ellen C. Friend.

Daniel Bates Friend was born on the 2nd of July, 1802, and died on the 28th day of June at 5 o’clock in the morning, 1875.
Daniel Bates, the son of Charles and Elizabeth Bates, was born March 3, 17—(not legible)
Molley Bates, born February 27, 1747
John Friend was born August 3, 1765, and died May 12, 1830.
Judith Cary Friend was born November 29, 1778, and died April 4, 1845, and was married June 4, 1796. Their children:
1. David Henry Friend, born May 1, 1797
2. Elizabeth Bates Friend, born December 29, 1798
3. Edward Thomas Friend, born September 10, 1800
4. Daniel Bates Friend, born July 2, 1802.
5. Joseph Osborne Friend, born August 2 (?), 1804
6. Judith Cary Friend, born August 20, 1806
7. Phebe Ann Friend, born November 7, 1808, and died September, 1850
8. John Nathaniel Friend, born January 24, 1811
9. Charles Fleming Friend and William Francis Friend, born December 26, 1812. William, died August 16, 1840
10. Richard Bell Friend, born March 15, 1815, and died September 15, 1835.
11. George Washington Friend, born November 30, 1817, and died July 17, 1839.
12. Hugh Brent Friend, born April 25, 1820, and died May 25, 1845
Willliam F. Friend, born December 26, 1836, died on the 16th day of August, 1840.
Delia Jane Friend was born the 29th of January (date of year omitted)
John Silas Friend was born the 24th of July, 1837.
Thomas Brent Friend was born April 19, 1839.
Joseph Greer McEwen and Isabella Goff Lane were married May 12, 1868
Joseph Greer McEwen was born January 15, 1842
Isabella G. McEwen, born December 29, 1846
John Ebenezer McEwen, born April 11, 1869
Nannie McEwen, born July 22, 1871.
Thomas Lane McEwen, born November 23, 1873.
Ann M. McEwen (my second wife), born September 19, 1843
Her children were:
Robert Campbell McEwen, born March 8, 1879
Daniel Friend McEwen, born February 17, 1884
Isabella Goff McEwen, died August 20, 1874
Thomas L. McEwen, died August 23, 1874
Daniel F. McEwen, died July 28, 1885
John E. McEwen, died Feruary 6, 1899
Joseph Greer McEwen, died November 6, 1909
Anna Maria Friend, died June 10, 1910.

Children of Elizabeth and Alexander

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