Andrew Jackson Richardson

#3377, b. circa 1834
Father*Caleb Richardson b. 1799, d. 28 Sep 1870
Mother*Celia Humphries b. 8 Mar 1802, d. 28 Jul 1893
     Andrew Jackson Richardson was born circa 1834 Boone County, Indiana. He was the son of Caleb Richardson and Celia Humphries. Andrew and Mary Jane Gallaher were married 8 Oct/Nov 1854 Linn County, Oregon.
      Mary Jane travelled to Oregon from Iowa with her father, William, mother Amy, and siblings, in about 1847. There is no record of Andrew's passing the Utilla Indian Agency, but his Donation Land Claim indicates that he arrived on 29 September 1853. The problem is that "arriving" in Oregon meant different things to different people. If he had arrived in eastern Oregon at the Indian Agency in late August, or early September, he may not have arrived to the Linn County area before 29 September.

It does indicate, however, that even if he did start the trip with his sister Cynthia Ann (Richardson) Parks and her family, somewhere along the way he left their group and came into Oregon by himself or with another group.

His Donation Land Claim extract reads: No. 3843 Richardson, Andrew J., Linn Co; b 1834, Boone Co., Ind; Arr. Ore. 29 Sept 1853; SC 10 Jan 1855; m Mary Jane 8 Oct/Nov 1854; Linn Co, Ore. T. Aff: Robert C. Miller (MA), Oliver Gallaher, J. M. Gallaher, O. C. Gallaher, T. J. Gallaher, Jacob Gallaher, W. C. Gallaher.

Children of Andrew and Mary

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