Robert Parks

#1795, b. circa 1775, d. between 1840 and 1850
Father*(--?--) Parks
     Robert Parks was born circa 1775 Maryland.1,2 He was the son of (--?--) Parks. Robert and Polly Hardwick, daughter of J. Hardwick, were married 14 May 1809 Greenup County, Kentucky. Robert Parks died between 1840 and 1850, Wayne County, now West Virginia.
     In 1810, Robert Parks is in Greenup County (image 5 of 10), with a household consisting of 1 male under ten, 1 male 26-44; X females under 10 (transcribed as "2"; might be, or the "2" is crossed out, so "0"), 1 female 16-25 and 3 "other free persons." Also in the household are sixteen enslaved people.
In looking at the whole page, the "other free persons" is the same number as the total of people in the household, so that means there were three people in the household. One male under 10, one male 26-44, one female 16-25.

Polly and Robert were married in 1809. Robert is 33, Polly is 32. Were either or both of them married before?
Next door is George Hardwick, 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 26-44; 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-25, one female 26-44 for eight free white people plus one enslaved person.

There is also a "Umphrey" who has no information other than the number of slaves, 10. Perhaps "Umphrey" was an absentee owner of slaves?3

The 1850 census of District 66, Wayne County, Virginia, shows a family:
Michael B Loer, 35
Dulcena Loer, 37
Mary A, 13
Elizabeth S, 11
James, 9
Andrew, 7 and
Michael, 1
With them is Joseph Parks, 75 (b c 1775 in PA)

By 1860, Joseph is no longer on the census.

In 1840, in then Cabell County, on one page we have:

p 58
Andrew Loar
Mrs Mary Ann Loar
Robert Parks 000200001-0002 (Robert Parks is the white male 60-69; there are two younger sons (or other males).
Thomas Buskirk
William Bellamy
Michael Loar 000010001-02001 (Michael Loar is the 60-69 year old male, Michael B may be the 25-35 year old male)

Other pages have:

p 55
James S. Parks 12001-10001 - this is probably James Shelton Parks.

Children of Robert and Polly

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