James Palmer1

#7604, b. circa 1800
Father*John Palmer b. s 1745, d. c 1823
Mother*Lydia (--?--) b. c 1777, d. 4 Jan 1852
     James Palmer was born circa 1800. He was the son of John Palmer and Lydia (--?--).
      James is mentioned in his father's will, written and probated 1823. He would have been "of age" (over 21) then. One James appears in the 1820 census of Garrard County on the same page as John Palmer, though not immediately contiguious. There are two males in the household between the ages of 26 and 45, one 16-26, one bet 10 and 16, and one under 10. Ther are three girls under ten. There appears to be no adult female in the household. [1820 U S Census; Census Place: Garrard, Garrard, Kentucky; Page: 111; NARA Roll: M33_21; Image: 127.]
This is the only James listed in 1820.
In 1830, there are four James Palmers. The likely candidate for this James is the James who is between 30 and 39 (again, there are two), with one male under five, and one female 15-19 (a new wife perhaps?). [1830 US Census; Census Place: , Garrard, Kentucky; Page: 209; NARA Series: M19; Roll Number: 36; Family History Film: 0007815.] There needs to be some looking at the wills for these folks. Another, listed as James Palmer, Senr, in 1830, would also fit the description, and, has slaves that more accurately represent what John Palmer had.
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