John Gilbert Maddock

#1104, b. 11 October 1863, d. 14 March 1914
Father*Franklin K. Maddock b. c 1836, d. 7 Apr 1883
Mother*Lucy Jane Palmer b. 3 Jan 1847, d. 22 Mar 1904
     John Gilbert Maddock was born on 11 October 1863 Umatilla County, Oregon. He was the son of Franklin K. Maddock and Lucy Jane Palmer. John and Ida May Patterson were married 31 January 1888. John Gilbert Maddock died 14 March 1914 , in Goldendale, Washington at age 50.
     The Klickitat County Agriculturist, Goldendale, WA., March 14, 1914, page 5
John Gilbert Maddock, a banker, newspaperman, the magazine writer, and farmer, who died at his home near Wahkaicus Station on the Goldendale branch of the Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway, was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery at Goldendale last Friday.
He was born at Umatilla, on the banks of the upper Columbia river, October 11, 1863. He was the son of Frank Maddock, the first sheriff of Umatilla county, and Lucy J. Maddock. His early life was passed mostly at Heppner where his father was a merchant and cattleman. He gained part of his education at the Old Bishop Scott academy in Portland. When about 18 years old he began teaching. When 23 years old he started a private bank at Heppner, associated with the Rhea Bros. Later he turned it into the First National Bank of Heppner. He married Miss Ida May Patterson, a Ligonier, Indiana, January 31, 1888. The following year he sold out his interest in the Heppner Bank and went to Goldendale, in 1889, and organized the First National Bank of Goldendale, which was the first banking institution in Klickitat county. This bank was conducted by Mr. Maddock until 1897, when he and associates gave up the charter obtained from the government, and opened a private bank, which shortly afterward went into liquidation, all depositors being paid in full.
A few years after retiring from the banking business, Mr. Maddock acquired property on the Big Klickitat river, near Wahkiacus, containing mineral springs, which he developed. His place of late years became noted as a resort for anglers from all parts of the United States.
For years he was connected with several of the leading newspapers of Oregon and Washington, and through them he kept Klickitat before the public. He belonged to the United Artisans; and was a member of the Masonic institution, but had not affiliated with the order of late years.
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An Illustrated History of Klickitat, Yakima, & Kittitas Counties
Interstate Publishing Co., Chicago, IL., published 1904
Part IV
History Of Klickitat County
For a long time the city had been handicapped in the transaction of its business because of the absence of a banking house in the town, but in 1889 this desideratum was supplied, a company being formed with a capital of fifty thousand dollars and the First National Bank of Goldendale established. The first officers of this institution were: J.G. Maddock, president; Hugh Fields, vice-president; Hugh Fields, E.W. Pike, J.G. Maddock, F.W. Patterson and O.D. Sturgess, directors. The enterprise flourished from the beginning.

United Artisans, Goldendale Assembly No. 33, chartered May 16, 1896, with the following charter members: N.B. Brooks, O.D. Sturgess, Rosa A. Brooks, Frank Aldrich, Clara J. Aldrich, Lulu B. Leverett, Charles H. Newell, Estella I. Phillips, Mehitable MeKinney, H.S. Goddard, John G. Maddock, Mary B. Newell, K.C. Phillips, Della L. MeCulley, Ida Maddock, Katie Pierce, K. G. Marshall, Lizzie B. Alvord and D.W. Pierce. Present officers: P.M., H.O. Spoon; M. A., Samuel Waters; superintendent, Mrs. Rosa Brooks; inspector, Jennie Darch; secretary, Helen Campbell; treasurer, Frank Aldrich. Membership, one hundred and two

Family of John and Ida

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Beasley, John #2041 b ca 1717 d bt 1781-1782
Berger, Jonathan #3263
Bruce, John #403 b ca 1724 d ca 1752
Claye, John #1523 b ca 1588
Eyres, Joseph # 7329
Ferris, Richard # 2074
Fuquett, Gills # 3276
Graves, Francis #708 b say 1630 d Aug 1691
Green, Thomas # 2060 b 1700
Hooker, Thomas # 3118 d bef 1637
Humphreys, William # 7331
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