Polly Hardwick

#2168, b. between 1775 and 1780, d. before 1840
Father*J. Hardwick
     Polly Hardwick was born between 1775 and 1780 Virginia.1 She was the daughter of J. Hardwick. Polly and Robert Parks, son of (--?--) Parks, were married 14 May 1809 Greenup County, Kentucky. Polly Hardwick died before 1840 , Cabell County, Virginia, now Wayne County, West Virginia.
     As of 14 May 1809, her married name was Parks (Hardwick).

Was Polly a "Hardwick"? or, was she the widow of one. When Polly and Robert Parks were married in 1809, she would have been about 32 years old. Highly unusual for a first marriage.

So, is the marriage between these two? Or, someone else.

If so, she had her last child when she was 45.

Perhaps a "Mary" married to a "Hardwick" in Bedford County, VA?

The "J Hardwick" could be a brother-in-law, rather than a father. 1810 census of Greenup county, Kentucky, next door to each other:
George Hardwick
2 <10
2 10-15
0 16-25
1 26-44
0 45+

1 under 10
0 10-15
1 16-25
1 36-44
0 45+
8 all other free persons
1 slave

Robert Parks
1 Under 10 (b 1800-1810) James Shelton/Micager?
0 10-15
0 16-25
1 26-44 Robert
0 45+
2 <10 (b 1800-1810) unnamed
0 10-15
1 16-25 (b 1785- 1794) Polly
0 26-44
0 45+
3 all other free
16 slaves

Greenup County, Kentucky
1820 males
4 <10 (b bet 1810 and 1820) GBW and RH, maybe Micager? James Shelton?
0 10-15
0 16-18
2 16-26 (in this case, 18-26) b bet 1794 and 1802
0 26-45
1 45+

2 <10 (b bet 1810 and 1820) Sally & unnamed
0 10-16
0 16-26
1 26-45 bet 1775 and 1794
0 45+
1 slave

George Hardwick Pension
for letter see case Wm Cox S30960

Who was David Wade, for whom George served? Is it his name that became attached to many Parks men?

1830, Lawrence County
Robert Parks
0 >5
3 5-10
1 10-15
0 15-20
0 20-30
0 30-40
0 40-50
1 60-70
1 <5
1 5-10
1 10-15
1 15-20

Page 473. 4 Nov 1777. (page 170)JOHN HARDWICK admr. to PEARCE WADE, Amherst County, to JOHN PARKER, Amherst County, for 210 pounds at 35 pounds a year for 6 years - a certain tract with plantation and mill thereon.
Note: Was JOHN HARDWICK a relative of ELIZABETH HARDWICK PETTYJOHN WADE? Maybe. This one is interesting.

Page 342 9 Oct 1760. (page 46)PEARCE WADE to JOHN PARKS SR., for 110 pounds, 390 acres pat. 1 Jun 1760; Thraser's Creek. MARY wife of WADE.Page 34 12 Nov 1760.(page 49)DAVID WADE to WILLIAM PARKS for 75 pounds, 180 acres, pat. to HOWARD CASH 12 Jul 1750; Thresher's Creek, adj. PEARCE WADE, JOHN BISSWELL. ELIZABETH of DAVID WADE. Wit: EDMUND POWELL, THOMAS PARKS, JOHNATHAN STAMPER

Page 295. 6 Jan 1768. (page 105)JOHN PARKS, Sr, Amherst County, to Gen. KIPPEN & CO., Glasgow merchants, 10 sh. to secure debt - note made 5 Jun 1764, and acct. of 48 pds. by Book act at their storei in Alb., 390 acres on THRESHER's Creek. Land which PARKS bought from PEERCE WADE, rec. in Alb; also 2 slaves. Wit: JOHN HARVIE, NEILL CAMPBLELL, JOHN OLD, CLOUGH SHELTON.

Page 244. 4 Nov 1771. (page 133)WILLIAM PARKS & wife MARY, Amherst County, to JOHN WEBB, Amherst County, for 110 pounds, 180 acre Thresher's Creek. Lines: PEARCE WADE, JOHN BISWELL. Wit: WILLIAM PARKS.

The Deeds of Amherst County, Virginia, 1761 - 1807 and Albemarle County, Virginia 1748 - 1763

"re - George Hardwick b 1759, Rev War soldier - I have been working on the item of George substituting for David Wade in his pension record. Here are some interesting items: a John Hardwick was the administrator of the Will of Pierce Wade, d ca 1769. Pearce Wade married Elizabeth Hardwick b ca 1725, they prob m ca 1765 (This according to some Wade researchers - I know of no documentation of this and hope to find some) She also had apparently been married to a Pettyjohn and Robert Warren (some Wade researchers claim these are two different Elizabeths). Pettyjohn and Warren appear to have Delaware connections. I have not yet found the marriage record of Elizabeth Hardwick and Pearce Wade - the marriage may have been in Amherst Co. - nor have I found Elizabeth's (either Elizabeth if there are two) other marriage records - they could give her parents names - Elizabeth Hardwick could be John's sister and George's Aunt. George's marriage bond - to Susanna Rice is signed by Susanna's father, Charles, and also by a John Hardwick - possibly George's father. Pierce Wade had a son named David b ca 1752 d 1831, Bedford Co. He does not appear to be mentioned in Pearce's Will although he is mentioned in the March 1785 action for accounting referred to below. I believe Pearce also had a brother named David. David Wade (d 1802 according to one Wade source) did fight in the Revolutionary War, but was sick and left behind on a couple of occassions - he appears to be Pearce's brother, if the Wade source is correct) not his son - since his son died, apparently in 1831. David Wade d. 1802 names a son David in his Will. So it is not clear whether George substituted for David the brother of Pearce or David the son of one of them.

Pearce's will also names Abigail Hardwick as his daughter. Abigail Hardwick (Harding) is also identified as a daughter of Pearce with guardian of Balinger Wade - in action in Amherst Co for accounting of the estate of Pearce. (March 1785)

Also, Jeremiah Wade sold to David Wade 4/2/1752, land adjacent to Pierce Wade in Albemarle Co. David Wade and Elizabeth conveyed the land to William Parker on 11/12/1760 - witnessed by Elizabeth Wade.

Any insights to this information would be appreciated as would any corrections!

Pete Apple"

1. George1 Hardwick was born August 31, 1759 in Amherst Co. Va, and died Aft. 1834 in Lawrence Co. Ky.. He married Susanna Rice December 26, 1789 in Bedford Co. Va, daughter of Charles Rice and Mary Holman. She was born 1765 in Va, and died in Lawrence Co. Ky..

HARDWICK, JAMES, 8 June 1737; 27 Sept. 1737. Westmoreland Co, VA
Son Aaron the land whereon I live; son George 1 negro; wife Haney Ritta Hardwick 1 negro and « of the rest of my estate; son William 3 negroes; my decd. bro. George Hardwick; to William Garland Jr. brother of my wife 50 shillings and 1 mare; daughter Frances Hardwick.

Married Well and Often: Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 1649-1800
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Children of Polly and Robert

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