Ethel May Griffith

#2514, b. 21 December 1902, d. 27 December 1978
Father*William Dodge Griffith b. 3 Sep 1867, d. 6 Apr 1946
Mother*Mary Frances Parks b. Jan 1877, d. 23 Dec 1949
     Ethel May Griffith was born on 21 December 1902 Oakland, California. She was the daughter of William Dodge Griffith and Mary Frances Parks. Ethel and James F. Ray were married December 1919 Fresno, California. Ethel and Ernest Bryant were married 1943 Portland, Oregon. Ethel May Griffith died 27 December 1978 , Yamhill county, Oregon at age 76, Name: Bryant, Ethel May County: Yamhill Death Date: 27 Aug 1978 Certificate: 78-13995 Age: 75 Birth Date: 21 Dec 1902 Spouse: Ernest
This needs to be checked. Death given by child/grandchild is not what DI says.
     As of December 1919, her married name was Ray (Griffith). As of 1943, her married name was Bryant (Griffith). As of 1978, her married name was Bowers (Griffith). Ethel and James had four children, Kenneth, Elsie, Lester, and Mary Ann.

Children of Ethel and James

Family of Ethel and Ernest

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